Florida Oyster of the Week


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One of our goals for the Bay Area’s sustainable aquaculture movement is to provide access to the plethora of incredible homegrown oysters from around the state. The secret needs to be revealed: some of the best oysters in the country are cultivated right here in the Sunshine State! Over the years we’ve come to know many of the shellfish growers throughout the state, each with their own unique story and delicious hand raised products, and we’re excited to be able to offer some of their oysters. Check back to see who is on the menu this week.


Florida Selects of the week:

  • Fresh farm-raised oysters from Indian River Oyster CoExclusively grown in New Smyrna Beach’s Indian River Lagoon among the seagrasses and mangroves, the IROCs have a full ocean brine that is reminiscent of getting blasted in the face with a wave. They’re briny up front and have a complex organic/buttery finish. Solid 3″ shells with plump meats.





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