About Us

We recognized that there was a significant deficit in the availability of locally sourced oysters throughout the state, a curious conundrum given the sheer abundance of habitat available for oyster culture.   Decades of overharvesting, habitat loss, saltwater intrusion, and the BP oil spill have nearly rendered the wild-harvest oyster fishery in the state of Florida extinct.  The Lost Coast Oyster Company aims to revitalize the lost industry along Florida's Gulf Coast and become a leader in sustainable aquaculture practices.  By utilizing innovative off-bottom farming techniques we produce high-quality boutique oysters destined for the premium half-shell market.  The Lost Coast Oyster Company's ultimate goal is to create a locally-sourced sustainable product that preserves Florida's unique environments while reinvigorating and promoting the restoration and enhancement of our natural estuarine systems.

Meet the Team

We are a husband and wife duo from Saint Petersburg .  With a renewed sense of focus and hope, we hope to usher in Florida's next generation of sustainable farming.


Brian rosegger

Co-Founder & President

Brian is a life-long Florida native and holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of South Florida.  His interest in oysters began with his first post-graduate assignment assessing populations of oysters in the wake of the BP oil spill.  I guess you could say he caught the bug and hasn't looked back since.  Brian is the brawn and some of the brains behind the operation.


Lindsay rosegger

Co-Founder & Vice President 

Lindsay is Brian's better half and when she isn't working full-time planning events for the American Lung Association, she is handling all of the back-end happenings of the farm. She manages the business side of the operation, including our accounting, marketing, sales, and distribution arms.  Lindsay reminds us of our oysters; good things come in small packages.