2 weeks ago
Eat More Oysters. It's Good for the Environment.

Support your local aquaculturists and enjoy some farm-raised oysters this weekend; it's great for the environment!

Those tasty bivalves we can't get enough of are also great for filtering pollutants out of the water, but there's a balance that comes with building more oyster farms

3 weeks ago
Summer a risky time to eat oysters: What you need to know

FALSE! The Department of Health already confirmed that all 3 cases of vibrio were due to cuts and NOT from consuming contaminated shellfish. Shame on you ABC!

As temperatures heat up for the summer a dangerous bacteria infection is putting fishermen and raw bar lovers at risk.

3 weeks ago
Across the Gulf, oysters are in trouble.

With wild harvests of oysters in significant decline throughout the Gulf region, aquaculture could be our last line of defense to save the Gulf oyster.

Gulf oyster production is down all across the region. Oysters are a canary in the coal mine showing us the toll that years of pollution and poor water management are taking their toll on the Gulf.

1 month ago
New Pensacola oyster company agrees to move farm north after residents express concerns

Escambia County will send letters of support for Gulf Coast Oyster Farm's revised application to the Florida Department of Agriculture after moving the planned farm out of the view of waterfront ... See more

A new oyster farm planned for Escambia Bay is getting support from the commission after the company agreed to move its planned farm out of view of residents.

1 month ago
Why you want oysters and a salt marsh between you and a hurricane

Living shorelines are a third of the cost of a traditional seawall and fare much better in severe weather. As coastal communities push back against traditional seawall construction, living shorelines ... See more

More coastal towns are building "living shorelines" for storm and flood protection.

1 month ago
Find out who took home all the clams at the New Orleans Oyster Festival

The winner of the oyster eating contest slurped down 44 DOZEN (528 total) in 8 minutes. How many do you think you could put down in 8 minutes?

The New Orleans Oyster Festival filled Woldenberg Riverfront Park on June 1 and 2 with food, drink and contests.

1 month ago
8 Wonderful Benefits of Oysters | Organic Facts

Check out those nutritional facts! Tag your favorite oyster farmer.

Oyster has amazing benefits that include weight loss, increased bone strength, and strong immune system. Oysters are a good source of protein, vitamins and nutrients.

1 month ago
Texas Muscles in on Oyster Farming

Everyone, welcome the state of Texas to the party!

New bill by Rep. Todd Hunter legalizes oyster farms

2 months ago
As aquaculture booms, a new report guides investors toward sustainability

“Transforming how we produce seafood through strategic investment in innovative, more sustainable production methods may ultimately represent the difference between a healthy, abundant, and ... See more

More than half of the world's seafood now comes from farms, and that percentage is projected to rise as the global population grows. How can the aquaculture industry ensure sustainability?

2 months ago
The Big, “Forgotten Coast” Oyster Crawl — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

You simply can't miss this article featuring Cainnon Gregg of Pelican Oyster Co.. Check it out!

It took an oyster education in landlocked Atlanta to send Jess Graves home, to consider her roots in the oyster beds of Apalachicola Bay.

2 months ago
Exploring with Oyster Cultivation

Volunteer gardeners are taking the reins and assisting with oyster restoration. If you have a waterfront property, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't try it for yourself! The oysters reared ... See more

Oysters are like snakes… you either like them or you hate them. You rarely hear someone say – “yea, their okay”. It’s either I can’t get enough of them, or they are the most disgusting ... See more

3 months ago
Your Town: FPC Bulldog Patrol talks school safety at Stoneman Douglas Commission meeting | Palm Coast | Palm Coast Observer

Flagler, St. Johns, and Nassau County folks: the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida is looking for volunteer oyster gardeners. Check it out!

Also in Your Town: Flagler Schools students awarded Medallion of Excellence.

3 months ago
County readies for aquaculture boom

Aquaculture is coming to Franklin County! This piece discusses some of the concerns amongst stakeholders yet provides a framework for how to appropriately select a lease site. Congrats to Jeff Wren ... See more

Franklin County commissioners signaled Tuesday their support to the growing interest in farming aquaculture leases in Apalachicola Bay, but want to see

3 months ago
Barleybrine Oyster & Craft Beer Weekend | Blue Collards

Attention Panhandle Folks: Barley Brine is an oyster and craft beer event that will be going down this weekend in Downtown Pensacola. Saturday is the main event, with oyster farmers from Gulf Springs ... See more

Barleybrine is a celebration of Gulf oysters and craft beer, being hosted by Blue Collards this April 4-6 in Pensacola, Florida.

3 months ago
Curt Hemmel Runs Florida’s Largest Clam Hatchery

Curt Hemmel runs Bay Shellfish Company, Florida's largest clam hatchery. In addition to culturing clams, the hatchery also produces oysters, scallops, and an exciting new species with excellent ... See more

Hemmel is the "Pied Piper of clams."

3 months ago
FGCU launches water school

Florida Gulf Coast University is launching a new Water School. Officials say the school will focus on five key issues including: climate change, fisheries, beaches, seagrass beds, and ecosystem ... See more

Florida Gulf Coast University launches The Water School to focus on water quality issues in Florida.

3 months ago

It is about to go down this Saturday in St. Simons Island in Georgia! Southern Soul Barbeque will be hosting an oyster-themed food truck brunch. Get over there and enjoy some of Pelican Oyster Co.'s ... See more

3 months ago
The Changing Seafood Industry In Florida

Historians and local old-timers say that once, Tampa Bay was overflowing with delicious oysters! Have a listen to the talk about seafood on this week's edition of Florida Matters. Check in at the ... See more

Historians and local old-timers say that once, Tampa Bay was overflowing with delicious oysters. And that some rivers, like the Manatee River, were once so

3 months ago
Oysters: An Explainer

Oysters are also pretty good for you. Molecular nutritionist Dr Emma Beckett says that one medium, uncooked oyster has about 173 kilojoules (the energy equivalent of a cup of raw carrots), is low in ... See more

Everything you need to know to enjoy this salty treasure of a mollusc – including why you should never swallow them whole.

4 months ago
Florida Matters Wants To Hear From You About Seafood

Florida Matters will be producing an upcoming show about seafood in our state. They want to hear from you so send in your stories!

Did you know Tampa Bay was once filled with oysters you could actually eat? Or that people used to turn their noses up at grouper?

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